Paving Services in Perris, CA

Your asphalt surfaces are going to be subject to weathering and the elements, as well as wear from vehicles driving on them. To ensure they stand the test of time and hold up to your expectations, make sure you’re working with a reputable paving company in Perris, CA, like All American Paving. We provide a complete scope of services to residential, commercial and industrial clients, including:

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  • shutterstock_713623375 [Converted]Sealcoating: Sealcoating protects your asphalt against intense sunlight, moisture damage and general degradation. Call us to sealcoat your paved surface, regardless of the size of the project. We’ll leave your asphalt looking great and protected for years to come.
  • shutterstock_713623375 [Converted]Parking lot striping: Our abilities extend to parking lot painting in Perris, CA. We can stripe all necessary markings on commercial parking lots and are familiar with ADA-compliant striping.
  • shutterstock_713623375 [Converted]Asphalt repairs: Have gouges or divots missing from your asphalt surface? We can repair them! We fill potholes and other damages to your asphalt surfaces, restoring a clean appearance and the integrity of the surface.
  • shutterstock_713623375 [Converted]Driveways: Tired of driving on a gravel driveway or dealing with a concrete surface that’s cracked and shifting? Our asphalt driveway pavers in Perris, CA will provide you with a paved driveway that’s safe, durable and beautiful on your property.
  • shutterstock_713623375 [Converted]Hot rubber sealing: Cracked asphalt needs to be repaired before it gets worse or allows moisture damage below the surface. Our hot rubber sealing takes care of these gaps and restores the surface integrity of your paved parking lot or driveway.
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  • shutterstock_713623375 [Converted]Maintenance: Call us for general asphalt maintenance, including hot crack filling, tarring and chipping, re-striping and more. Our goal is to help your asphalt surfaces last as long as possible.
  • shutterstock_713623375 [Converted]Patching: Patching holes, divots and other blemishes in asphalt is our specialty! We perform these repairs quickly and cleanly, breathing new life and durability into your asphalt surfaces.
  • shutterstock_713623375 [Converted]Hot tarring: Need your asphalt surface reinvigorated? With our hot tarring services, we’re able to refresh and protect your surface, remedying any damages or problem areas before they have a chance to get worse.

For complete surface paving by experienced asphalt professionals, choose All American Paving. Contact us today at 951-943-3775 to consult with us about the scope and breadth of your paving project.